Sheikh Omar Sheikh Muhammed Faqi Yusuf

 Sheikh Abdulcadir"Scek" Sheikh Omar

Sheikh Omar Sheikh Muhammed Faqi Yusuf

So the relations between the Banu Zuhrah and the Royal Famly of specially Abu Dhabi is until now very close.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed him self said once: "Without the Sheikhs of the Tribes, the U.A.E wouldnt be that successfull as it is right now, the Nahyan will never forget in wich cases the Banu Zuhrah stood beside my father and Grandfather."

It is said that one half of Abu Dhabi belongs to the Royal Family and the ohter half to the Sheikhs of the Banu Zuhrah.

Sheikh Omar Sheikh Muhammed was the Scheikh of the Banu Zuhrah during the early 1970s, he was one of the most inportant supporters of Abu Dhabi in the beginning of the oil traiding. Before him it was his great father and one of the few who leaded both Tribes at one time. It was Sheikh Muhammed Faqi Yusuf. Also he was one the GREAT 3.


Sheikh Abdulcadir Sheikh Omar

is the oldest son of the below named Sheikh Omar Sheikh Muhammed. He couldnt take the place of his father after his death in any case.

But after the death of his uncle the great Sheikh, Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed(Sheikh Abba), he took the place of him in the case of the real estate, Gold traiding and Travell and Hotel buisness. But he didnt start to act in the buisness after the death of Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed, already in the lifetime of the great Sheikh he was the right Hand of him when it comes to that kind of buisness. He has contirbuted a large part of the real estate buisnesspart.

Some facts about Sheikh Abdulcadir is that he studied eye doctor, he studied in Germany, Italy, England.

In germany he is called Scek(in german Abdulcadir Scek) instedt of Sheikh Abdulcadir. This is so, because during hes studies in Italy they did a spelling mistake in the Name, and they thought that Sheikh or Scek is the Surname. 

He didnt changed it, cause he never thought that he will ever come back to Europe. 

Hes children which also studied in germany used to have the name Scek and not Sheikh.

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