Sheikh Abdulcadir"Scek" Sheikh Omar

Sheikh Mustafa "Scek"Sheikh Abdulcadir

Sheikh Mustafa "Scek" Sheikh Abdulcadir Sheikh Omar,

is born 30.01.1983 he is the youngest son of Sheikh Abdulcadir Sheikh Omar, so his Grandfather is the below named Sheikh Omar Sheikh Muhammed and his great grandfather is one of the 3 GREAT Sheikh Muhammed faqi yusuf. The great Sheikh, Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed is his Uncle same as Sheikh Abdulrahman Sheikh Muhammed.

Sheikh Mustafa raised up in Germany, he studied there. His father wanted him to study medicine, but than he studied International managment and marketing strategys. He begann to do buisness while he was still studying, he used to do a lot with hes father in the beginning of hes carrer. Now more than 50% of the buisness he doing is located in the U.A.E. Same as his father he has specialized in real estet and travell and Hotel buisness. He is the Director of the travell angency group BIN BATOOTA Travel Agency.

He is also well known for his preference for fast cars, and dangerous car accidents.

Sheikh Mustafa is also a national martialsarts fighter and some times he join competetions.

Same as his father he got also the Name SCEK, so in germany he is known by the name Mustafa Scek Abdulcadir and not Sheikh Mustafa.

After the oldest son of Sheikh Abdulrahman waived his place to eventuelle replaiced his father, Sheikh Abdulrahman choosed Sheikh Mustafa to do this. After this also his father Sheikh Abdulcadir thought it will be maybe good if he do the same for his son, so Sheikh Mustafa will have the best chances to take both places. If this would happen Sheikh Mustafa had the chance to be a powerfull Sheikh for the ZuhrahTribe than he could be when he just take the place of his uncle.


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