Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed Sheikh Mahammud 

Sheikh Abdulrahman Sheikh Muhammed "Abba" 

Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed Sheikh Mahammud

The great Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed Sheikh Mahammud(Also called Sheikh Abba) was born in 1935 and died 2008 in Yemen. At the young age of 6 years, the acting Sheikh, Sheikh Muhammed Faqi Yusuf(The father of the below named Sheikh Omar) say from which he will become the next "GREAT" Sheikh. And so it happend in the age of r.a 18 he become the next Sheikh after Sheikh Muhammed Faqi Yusuf died, and the oldest son of the Sheikh, Sheikh Omar Sheikh Muhammed resigned on health reason. He became on of the GREAT 3.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan respected him a lot, also hes son Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed. He used to have a very close relation to Sheikh Zayed bin Sulatn al Nahyan.

He was a great buisnessman and raised a lot of real estate companies, according to estimates he owned the most buildings and was the weathysed Sheikh that ever leads an tribe.

The great Sheikh was infuential in the constructions of many Hospitals,Burj Al Arab,Shangri-La Hotel,and Sheikh Zayed Mosque and many more.

He also had to do with Gold traiding, and was the head of the wohle Armed Forces.

At his lifetime he was the most powerfull and infuential Sheikh in the U.A.E specially Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

He was well known for his charity work in the African countries.                                                                                                                        After he died his youngest son Sheikh Abdulrahman and hes nephy Sheikh Abdulcadir Sheikh Omar took his place.                                                   But in contrast to him they are just Sheikhs of the Zuhra tribe. 

Sheikh Abdulrahman Sheikh Muhammed

Sheikh Abdulrahman Sheikh Muhammed is the youngest son of the Sheikh, he start to took over the running buisnesses. After his father died he took his place in the public relations.

Same as his father Sheikh Abdulrahman also have the same influential power in the U.A.E


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